School Usher Responsibilities
Please let your School Representative know as soon as possible if you will not be able to attend a performance so an alternate can be contacted. Dress for the weather and wear comfortable walking shoes. Ushers should make alternate care arrangements for preschool children and not bring them to the Center.
Before the Performance
Performances begin at 10:00 a.m. and 12:30 p.m. Please plan to arrive in the lobby at the Center 45 minutes prior to playtime (9:15 a.m. or 11:45 a.m.). This will allow you time to:
Pin on school ID badge
Check master seating chart for your school’s area
Meet the other ushers from your school and discuss division of duties
Review the route you will use to your seats (doors/aisles)
Receive instructions from the OJP Usher Chairman
When your school is assigned “Pages,” it is the responsibility of the School Representative or a parent to drive the pages from school and deliver them to the Center 45 minutes prior to the performance (9:15 a.m. or 11:45 a.m.) The Olympia Junior Programs Page Supervisor will escort them to the dressing rooms where they will change into their costumes. She will give them instructions and take pictures of them in their costumes. After their performance on stage, a copy of the picture will be presented to each Page as a memento. The children serving as Pages are supervised at all times.
Because no cameras are allowed in the theater, it is the policy of Olympia Junior Programs that pictures will be taken only by the Olympia Junior Programs Supervisor.
One usher should be assigned to meet the Pages at the door of the stage after they have changed back into their school clothes. He/she should lead them to their designated seats in their school’s seating area. Following the play, Pages return to school with their class on school transportation. Please be sure there are sufficient seats on the bus for them to ride back.
Unloading Buses
Two ushers will meet each bus from your school. The first usher will escort the students to their assigned seating. The second usher will remain by the bus door assisting students during the unloading process and then follow the end of the line to the seating area. DO NOT unload any buses until an Olympia Junior Programs official tells you to do so. Be sure students know their bus number. Olympia Junior Programs uses the number painted on the bus. Unload by bus load not by class. Lead students to their assigned seats and seat BACK TO FRONT, or as instructed. DO NOT ALLOW RUNNING. Sidewalks outside the Washington Center can be slippery. It is not always possible to usher the bus your child rides on to the Center.
If there are ribbons in your seating area to divide schools, advise teachers and students of the importance of leaving them in their original position.
After everyone from your school is seated, you may close the doors in your area. In following theater manners, students should remove hats and properly dispose of gum and candy.
During the Performance
Ushers must STAND throughout the performance. Ushers, along with teachers, are responsible for disciplining ANY child who is making a disturbance. A child who continues to misbehave should be taken to the lobby and his/her teacher notified. Ushers posted at the doors will be issued flashlights by the Head Usher.
If a student requests to use the restroom see if he/she can wait until the play ends. If not, accompany the student to the restroom and wait for him/her either in the restroom or just outside. PLEASE CLOSE THE THEATER DOORS QUIETLY. If the student does not come out in a reasonable amount of time find out why. Olympia Junior Programs is responsible for any damage that occurs in the restrooms or the theater.
If a student says he/she feels sick, remove him/her immediately. If an accident does occur in the seat, cleaning supplies are available at the registration table in the lobby. If a student is sick due to heights, ask an Olympia Junior Programs official to reseat the student on the main floor. An usher from your school must stay near the student. After the performance take the student to his/her bus. Please do not leave the student alone if seated away from his /her school.
After the Performance
Keep students quiet so dismissal announcements can be heard from the stage. Students may stand and stretch but should stay at their seats. When bus numbers (not route numbers) are called for your school, one usher is to lead the students to their bus and assist them in boarding. Other ushers may assist in the exiting process.
Before ushers go home they should check the area where their school was seated. Please check row by row, for gum on seat bottoms, candy and snack wrappers, and lost items to be returned to the school. Ushers might want to bring a plastic bag with them to aid in the cleanup.
Student Behavior Expectations
Use the Restroom before leaving school.
Leave all food, gum, and candy at school.
Leave all hats, including baseball caps, at school or remove them immediately upon exiting the bus.
Walk safely, in single file, from the bus to assigned seating area.
Have shoestrings neatly tied to avoid accidents on stairs.
Follow the ushers’ directions.
Sit with seats in down position.
Keep feet off seat in front of you

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